Annette Elizabeth + Birth Story. Personal.

Annette Elizabeth + Birth Story. Personal.

June 24th was your due date, but I knew you would come before that. Momma’s have a feeling. We decided not to find out your sex because we’ve loved the anticipation with your sister’s. Although a big surprise, you’ve been just what our hearts have needed! You came the weekend your auntie was in town to help prepare for you. Unbeknownst to all of us you were on your way! Contractions started just as we all started settling down for the evening after the incredibly long day. Sometime around 10ish and I looked at your daddy and half jokingly said, ‘We might be having a baby tonight!’ He didn’t believe me 😉 The contractions were different. I felt different, but you still weren’t due for another 2 weeks, so I just wasn’t sure. I climbed into bed and prayed. The contractions weren’t stopping, yet they weren’t getting any worse. By 1:30 am I decided to wake your daddy and make the call to the Birth and Women’s Center in Topeka. Still unsure of the progress, I had a feeling it was time to head that way. Initially I was afraid of the hour drive there, but it turned out to be exactly what my heart and soul needed to prepare myself for labor. Daddy thought I had fallen asleep, but I was zoned in on meeting you in this labor. You met me and we worked together to bring you forth. Contractions would come and then cease, giving me breath and confidence to prepare for the next. Soon after we got comfortable at the birthing center it finally settled in that you were on your way to meet us! My heart was ready. My body prepared. My mind strengthened. My soul at ease. You were coming!! We reached the center at 3:30. You arrived at 6:13. I’ve always dreampt of having a water birth and this time my dream came true! As I eased myself into the water my heart and mind were flooded with the thought of holding you and joy sprung forth. You were coming!! I felt strong. I felt confident. But I prayed because I knew that this strength; this confidence isn’t from me alone, it’s from Jesus. He was there. Bringing your forth with such joy and admiration for the life that He created within me. He loves you. You are His. And He is proud. Your daddy’s hand on my right shoulder was everything I needed! He was there, bringing you forth just the same. I couldn’t have done it without him. He didn’t say much, but said just enough. We’ve been through this beautiful, life-changing experience twice already and each time we get stronger. Not just in that moment, but in the days and years after. There’s something about connecting and leaning and trusting one another when bringing forth a baby that is beyond my understanding. I believe it’s apart of God’s plan. As the morning sun began to appear through the windows, I bore down and opened up, relinquishing all fear and control to my body’s natural ability to bring you forth. One push the water broke. Two push you crowned. Three push and you were gathered up in your daddy’s strong hands and gently laid on my chest. You were a beautiful sight! So dainty with strong piercing eyes looking right at me, letting me know that our life will never be the same. It won’t and it isn’t and I’m completely okay with that 🙂 You let out a big strong cry letting us know that your were happy to have us 😉 We cried. Both your daddy and I. Our hearts were so full! Your life is more precious than rubies, Anni bug. We love you forever and ever.


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July 15, 2015

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