Doug + Rhea + Happily Ever After.

Wedding Photography in Manhattan, Kansas.

The authenticity and genuine care that was pure and true in this small intimate wedding set deep in the woods of Manhattan, Kansas was heart warming.  Rhea, a small town girl was on the brink of giving in and giving up on her dream of finding the love of her life.  It’s funny how the good Lord works in our lives.  His timing is perfect and He knows your hearts desire.  His wait was not in vain and by divine interruption the boy from Richmond, VA caught sight of that small town girl and with purpose and intention he pursued.

The day cold and the forecast withholding nothing but wind and snow, these two with family and their closest of friends, came together in unity and love, purposing their commitment before God and other’s.  Their hearts true and their conviction strong.  Doug and Rhea became husband and wife that day, declaring to one another that no matter the storm; no matter the weather, good or bad, they, as one will strive in this life to glorify God and love without exception.

Rhea and Doug and little Dougie, thank you for allowing me to document your commitment to one another!

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