Norah Gene

Fundraiser in Manhattan Kansas

I’m so excited to finally announce Norah Gene Calvert’s fundraiser!!

I remember the text that I received from Corrie the day sweet Norah came into the world.  Norah’s life full and new, filled with love and joy.  Her life precious and abounding with purpose, but something just wasn’t right.  Their life took a turn they weren’t expecting and it changed in a matter of minutes.

Her love pours out and her strength unwavering. She finds rest in the One who created. Although life took unpredicted turns, her heart stayed steady for her trust was in her everlasting Father.  Corrie and Curtis find their strength through Jesus and their walk since Norah’s birth, although hard and strained, has only deepened.

Sweet Norah Gene was born June 26th, arriving 5 weeks early! Her life precious and full of purpose, but in need of immediate medical attention. Corrie and Curtis found themselves life-flighting their newest bundle to what would be a 3 month stay at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. After weeks of testing and waiting and more waiting and more testing, they finally diagnosed precious Norah with a rather rare disorder called CCHS or Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome.  CCHS is a central nervous system disorder, where their brain doesn’t tell their body to breathe, causing them to go apneic.  It can cause many other complications with the body’s autonomic system. This disorder affects one’s breathing. People with this disorder take shallow breaths (hypoventilate) and at times lack breathing altogether, especially during sleep, resulting in a shortage of oxygen and a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood.

With this diagnosis of CCHS and the severity of Norah’s condition, Norah underwent surgery to receive the tracheostomy that was necessary for her well-being. Although small, Norah Gene is an incredible fighter and in just 8 short months her life has already influenced so so many!!

The Lord has been incredibly gracious to them through this whole life-changing process.  Nothing surprises Him.  He loved Norah before she was even thought of.  He knew.  And He knows.  He knows the plans He has for us, and it’s in no way to harm us.  In fact all His ways are good; perfect.  He has plans to prosper Norah, to give her life purpose and hope.  I know Corrie and Curtis believe that.  They claim that promise in their lives, in their children’s lives, and for their sweet Norah Gene.

We want to come along side Corrie and Curtis during this time in prayer, love and emotional support as well as financial support.  And we want to provide each of you the opportunity to do that!

Mae Rain Photo will be holding a weekend of Outdoor Family Mini-Sessions and/or {At Home} Mini-Lifestyle Sessions.  These will be held in Wichita, KS the weekend of May 20-22 and in Manhattan, KS the weekend of June 3 and 4.  Family Sessions are open from 4:00pm until sunset Friday and Saturday.  Lifestyle Sessions are open throughout the whole day Saturday and Sunday until 3:30pm.  30% of the proceeds from each session will be given to help aid the Calvert’s in all their travel and medical expenses.  **If you are interested in booking a full, 1 hour session that is also possible.  40% of proceeds will go to the Calvert’s if booking a full, 1 hour session**

Full details below.

Wichita, KS- May 20-22

Manhattan, KS June 3 and 4

Family/Lifestyle Mini Details:

20 minute sessions

5-7 fully edited digital downloadable images

Up to 5 people


30% of proceeds will go to aid the Calvert’s

Full Family/Lifestyle Details:

1 hour session

Up to 30-50 fully edited digital downloadable images

Up to 5 people


40% of proceeds will go to aid the Calvert’s

Email to schedule

Location: TBD

**I expect these to fill quickly!!  So please don’t hesitate to email me to pick your time and date.  Full payment is due to secure your time and date.**

**Sales Tax will apply**

On behalf of the Calvert’s and myself, we THANK YOU!!

Your support during this time is incredibly encouraging and life-giving.  We pray blessing upon blessing to you and yours for your gracious generosity.

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